Retro arcade games are fun. Whether you are reliving your childhood and the great memories of cashing your allowance into quarters and spending hours in the arcade, or are younger and found this unique concept at a local corner store or in your friend's basement - retro arcade games live in infamy in our cultures.
But for many, this rediscovery of arcade gaming is short lived. It's cool to once again eat dots and outwit ghosts in Pacman, or win back your princess from the clutches of that evil ape in Donkey Kong but after a few rounds, you ask yourself, "How did I spending countless hours playing this?" Could it be that retro arcade games truly are just a thing of the past?
We at Geekcade have concluded what is missing is the arcade. Whether it be two machines at your local store or a full dedicated arcade in your local mall, these community centers brought people together for what truly made arcade games fun:
The buzz from playing an arcade game was seeing your 3 initials in lights on your favorite game for all to see, most importantly for your friends to see. Because kicking your friends' asses was and still remains a fun and exciting thing to do!
Geekcade looks to bring all those remote arcade setups (called "cabs") together to share their accomplishments while building an arcade community around them. And thanks to our friends over at hi2txt, getting those highscores from your arcade machine is possible. Geekcade is committed to protecting the "local" feel of your competition. The world is big and if you haven't already realized, there's always someone WAY better than you are. There are people with superhuman capabilities when it comes to some of these games and your AMAZING highscore won't hold a candle to what they can do.
So, Geekcade is all about community. Your community. Create your own arcade with your own friends and enjoy competition amongst your friends. Then join some other local geekcades and make some new friends. Of course you can always see how you're doing on the bigger scoreboard, but it's keeping the competition within your skill grade that makes it the most fun.
So, head over to the change machine, get your pocket full of quarters ready and...
Welcome to The Geekcade!
Don't have a cab and want to get in the game? Take a look here on how to build your own cab.
Please also keep in mind that Geekcade is still in beta, meaning we're actively writing it. If stuff doesn't work right, be patient and let us know. We'll fix it... eventually.